Информационна среща #WeAreNATO

На 04.10.2018 г., Националният студентски дом ще бъде домакин на информационна среща по кампанията #WeAreNATO, организирана в партньорство с Посолството на Великобритания в София. Събитието е отворено за представители на студентски и младежки организации при предварителна регистрация и ще се проведе от 10-00 ч. до 12-00 ч. в зала „17 Ноември“. Работен език – английски.

You are invited to attend a meeting at the National Student House chaired by representatives from the UK Prime Minister’s Office and Bulgarian Government to discuss how you can play a role in promoting the Bulgarian WeAreNATO awarness campaign.

The #WeAreNATO campaign was initiated to increase the awareness and understanding of NATO and its role in global security. It depicts the central role and importance of NATO in maintaining Euro-Atlantic security and the ways in which the Alliance uses diplomacy, military strength and technological advancements to secure peace. The campaign focuses on increasing support for NATO in Bulgaria, through highlighting the Alliance’s continued relevance as a modern, forward-looking organisation that is able to respond to the diverse challenges of a more dangerous world.

At the meeting you will be able to get an overview of the campaign, discuss ideas to move the campaign forward and find out how your organisation could potentially access funding fro activities from NATO HQ.

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